Why Do We Use Different Glassware For Different Wines?

8-) Glassware and wine culture are closely related, people like to drink wine with what kind of glassware, and drink with what kind of glassware is simply because of the different experiences?

Actually no, good wine glassware is more able to highlight the advantages of wine, and I would like to discuss with you the reasons for drinking with different glassware.
Because the glassware of wine is comprehensive and transparent, the taste, fragrance, joy and beauty must be determined.


Red Wine  is usually use high-volume glasses-500-600ml/17.5oz-21oz wine glassware.

Red wine glassware as a symbol of elegance. Need to open a relatively large, slender wine glass, used to be mostly wooden wine glass, now mostly glass wine glass. Because we all know, good wine after opening, need to have a period of time and air contact, that is commonly known as decanting. Therefore, the wine mouth is bigger, and the air contact area will be correspondingly bigger, also can smell the wine fragrance.


White wine is usually comes in the 450-550ml/15.7oz-19.3oz volume glassware.

And what is the shape of a white wine glass? The white wine glass is much smaller than the red wine glass, and the white wine glass has a small opening, which is designed to reduce the contact with the air, thus keeping the wine cool temperature taste!

hand made solid color glass

Beer is usually use a big glassware. 550ml-1500ml/19.2oz-52.5oz.

Beer, as a popular alcoholic drink, has a relatively low degree of strength,

beer pays attention to drink freely, so large capacity is convenient and direct rivals dry, drink happily, cup, Barrel Cup is also OK.


Shot drinking glassware for spirits liquor less than 100ml /3.5oz.

Hard liquor.  spirits ,The general capacity is not more than 50 ML-100 ML, short cup, cup belly big mouth small, wine should not add too much, to the cup declination lie wine does not flow is appropriate. White wine is generally a high-alcohol, so, for most people, it is certainly not like drinking beer as Big Gulp. But as a bold representative, and the production process is different, also does not need the red wine sobering process, in ancient times the white wine mostly to the fruit wine is many, is the Big Bowl drinks the wine, many is drinks in one gulp, but with the gradual increase in the degree of wine, in order to achieve the effect of toast, wine glass is also slowly becoming smaller. Usually 1.75 oz-3.5 oz shots,

brandy. As an upgrade of wine, we commonly known as foreign wine, more in the bar. It’s usually served on ice or with a drink. More will use the square glass, the cup body is thicker, the space is bigger.

brandy glass

Cocktails and other water glasses come in many shapes,usually we use 200-300ml/7oz-10.5oz.

Cocktail is more fancy a wine, pay attention to beauty, creativity, so the Water Cup itself strange shape is also normal, the corresponding different sub-wine is also different, need to combine the actual situation.

matini glass


Of course, what kind of cup to use, mainly depends on the mood of the drinker, although it is conventional, but some people like to stand alone, as long as the pleasure of the mood, beneficial to the body and mind. So no matter what brand of wine, big or low-grade wine, no matter what kind of cup, no matter how big or small the cup, moderate drinking, to ensure the health is the most important.

Drink different wine, use different cup to show the host taste, self-restraint, status, rigorous, on the other hand is the respect of the guests.


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Post time: May-20-2022


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