COVID-19 News

covid-19-fondoTo Glasswaretalk Customers,

Due to the #COVID-19 situation all over the world, most of the customers are working from home now.

For our factory, we didn’t change our production plan, all orders are under normal production, so that when we defeat the virus and everything back to normal, we could ship the goods immediately to satisfy the market.

For new customers, if you have new projects, welcome to send to us for developing.

Should let you know when the situation become better, factory will be very busy and shipment of all orders will be delayed.

Thus, at this special moment, we suggest to go ahead for samples at first, so that when the situation become better we could start production soon to catch the market.

Win Against #Conoravirus

Thank you and stay healthy.

Glasswaretalk Team.

Post time: Apr-07-2020


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