Where to Buy Colored Glassware Ideas: Solid, Muticolored, Lon Plating Sets ?

In recent years, colored glassware sets have been sold well in South American markets such as Brazil, Peru, Intellect, etc. . .

For colored glassware sets, we usually see spray colors and solid colors.There is also the later popular ion plating.

The pressed glassware sets Surface pattern diamonds and we also have different designs to do, if you want the color not to fade, we can use solid color glassware sets that won’t fade even in the dishwasher. If you want more colors you can choose ion plating technology, it looks shiny.


Where to Buy Colored Glassware sets ?

Solid colors are the primary colors of glass materials. It is dishwasher safe.Below link buy Solid colors glassware sets.

solid color glass sets微信图片_20220607172311

Color spray and ion plating are post-processing. Hand wash in cold water only.Below link buy COLOR SPRAY and LON PLATING glassware sets.

 ion platingsolid color glass sets


Spray color is not as glossy as ion plating. You can see different lights on their surfaces.Different colors can be customized, such as blue, gray, yellow, pink, etc., fashionable and retro style, can be placed as decorations at wedding sites, parties and so on.Don’t forget to celebrate life’s most memorable moments – anniversaries, weddings, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or housewarming and engagement parties with classic colorful wine glasses, or for a special event you want to do.


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Post time: Jun-08-2022


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