Why Do consumer love Ribbed Glasses currently ?

Ribbed glasses is definitely a must-have household item in the current family, and we can see that Google trends have even increased by 70% from 2019 to the present.

google trends ribbed glasses

So if you want start ribbed glasses business too, you might be wondering where to start.

Don’t worry, whether it’s wine glasses, highball, water glasses, or champagne and glass bottles you can choose them:

Ribbed Design Hand Made Glass

Design: This set of ribbed glass has become very popular in recent years. the color isvery popular color.

Product material: glasses are made of high-quality lead-free glass, which is a thick bottom style.

Product features: This set of glasses has glass bottle, red wine glasses, saucer-shaped champagne glasses, goblets, high ball glasses and tumbler used for family gatherings, weddings, anniversaries, etc… It is also a good choice as a decoration.

This set of ribbed cups is our new product for 2021. So far, there are set of 5(1 bottle with 4 glasses ) , set of 4 and set of 2 are all best-selling combinations.


https://www.glasswaretalk.com/food-grade-waterfall-carafe-glass-sets-products-maker-2.html https://www.glasswaretalk.com/food-grade-waterfall-carafe-glass-sets-products-maker-2.html https://www.glasswaretalk.com/food-grade-waterfall-carafe-glass-sets-products-maker-2.html https://www.glasswaretalk.com/food-grade-waterfall-carafe-glass-sets-products-maker-2.html

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Post time: Aug-02-2022


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