5 Packaging Ways To Protect Glassware

Glassware products are fragile, so each glass product needs to be carefully packaged to ensure that it is safe and not damaged during transportation.I want to show you 5 different packaging methods for different sales methods.


1. Bulk Packaging, glass wrap with white paper and buble bag. usually 4pcs or 6pcs put into a brown box. Then 4sets or 6sets put into a carton. This packaging ways is usually use for the glass single on shelves for sale.
bulk pack

2.Color Box Packaging, glass wrap with white paper and buble bag then 2pcs or 4pcs or 6pcs put into a color box as 1 set for sale.
set of 4 color box

3.Window Box Packaging, Glass protect on top and bottom then put into the box, this packaging way Open the window color box to see the real products inside, which is convenient for display and sales.

set of 2 window box

4.Polyfoma Packaging, this packaging way is use for drop shipping, mail order, online sale… It is can be throw.


5.Gift Box Packaging, always pack have 1 glass bottle with some different glassware, this packaging way is use for wedding company, Christmas,Party, Father’s Day, Family Daily Use…

gift box

All above packaging way are safety to protect glassware.More details if you need please send us email:  sales02@glasswaretalk.com.

Post time: Aug-11-2022


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